Black Type

Bet £10 Get £10

Many new online bookmakers have appeared on the scene over the past few years and amongst these new arrivals is Black Type, this newcomer focusing mainly on Horse Racing. This firm’s principal aim has been to provide the punter with an ‘old-school’ type bookie with what they term ‘proper odds’. Of more importance to many punters is the fact that they guarantee to take-on large bets even if the customer placing them has been highly successful in the past – something which has been a bone of contention amongst many punters. The question is, do Black Type stand true to their word on this and many other claims? We put them to the test…


Black Type Welcome Bonus

Most bookmakers, whether new on the scene or a long-established firm, entice the punter with a welcome bonus of some description and in this regard Black Type are no different, however one could argue that their welcome bonus is far less generous than those offered by their main competitors. On the surface this would appear to be the case with their Bet £10 Get £10 Free Bet far from the best around. Nevertheless Black Type’s primary focus is on rewarding loyal customers and not pandering to the ever-increasing demand of ‘fly-by-night’ customers who take advantage of a welcome free bet and are never seen by that particular bookmaker again. This fact is reinforced by Black Type’s hugely competitive odds and customer-focused ongoing offers and guarantees. Nevertheless this welcome offer is certainly not to be sniffed at and is a welcome alternative to the many others on offer elsewhere where one has to jump through several hoops just to claim them. BlackType’s offer is extremely simple, just bet an initial £10 on any Black Type market (terms and restrictions apply) and your new account will be credited with a guaranteed casino bonus of £5 PLUS an additional £5 Free Bet should your initial bet prove unsuccessful.


Why Join Black Type?

BlackType have aimed to emulate the success of more established operators on the UK betting circuit and this is reflected by their slick and easy-to-use website. You won’t find many of the gimmicks that other newcomers have adopted and this is reflected in a refreshingly easy-to-use website which is well designed and uncomplicated. The sports coverage is more than adequate and fans of horse racing are extremely well catered for with this particular pastime being the ‘bread-and-butter’ of Black Type’s operations since their launch. Football is another area in which this bookmaker focuses primarily and the choice of betting markets on this particular sport is guaranteed to impress. Indeed this bookie ticks all of our boxes and we would be surprised were it not to tick most of yours too!



Black Type is one of the newcomers on the circuit and as such they are far from a household name. Their main bread-and-butter is Horse Racing and in this category there are many markets on offer, however this firm also cover a multitude of other sports and in particular football where their coverage is ever-increasing to the point where they are being seen as a realistic alternative to more established operators. The welcome bonus is far from the best around but this merely highlights the fact that they are looking to reward the more loyal customer with great deals to be found elsewhere. All-in-all Black Type are an interesting alternative to many of the newcomers on the circuit and one which we feel you should seriously consider when looking for something a little different.