launched by Angle Marketing is a brand new website which showcases the best betting exchanges when it comes to betting on sport

There are lots of different ways to place bets online and many customers enjoy the thrill of betting exchanges where you can often get better odds and more choice than you would find with fixed-odds operators.

Now there is a website which is primarily devoted to betting exchanges, with Angle Marketing Limited launching which will delight anyone who is looking for better value with their online bets. aims to provide betting customers with the lowdown on the best sports betting exchanges out there, with the team at Angle Marketing having decades of experience between them when it comes to the online betting industry.

You can find details of the latest welcome bonuses available with popular betting exchanges such as betfair, Matchbook and Smarkets. There is also the chance to read more about online betting exchanges and the several reasons why customers choose to bet through an exchange rather than a fixed-odds operator.

Betting exchanges emerged at the turn of the millennium, with the launch of betfair being followed by several similar websites who saw that there was a gap in the market for operators that effectively facilitated person to person betting.

Rather than bet against a bookmaker, a betting exchange instead gives customers the chance to get against each other, with a company like betfair simply setting up the various sports betting markets and taking commission from any winning bets struck through their platform.

A betting exchange means that there are no set odds and no set betting stake. The prices are down to customers setting the market so you might find that you can enjoy bigger prices should someone be prepared to offer you big odds.

Similarly, you can act as a bookmaker and lay the odds if you want to oppose a particular football team, horse or tennis player. Freedom of choice is why many people choose to go down the exchange route.

Indeed, there are lots of ways to approach betting exchanges and they often come into their own when it comes to In-Play wagering. There is the chance to trade while a game takes place and the ultimate aim is always to “go green” so that you win whatever the outcome of a sporting event. is a website which is keen to provide useful information and educate readers when it comes to a type of betting which has always remained a fairly niche concept although the advantages are very clear once you open an account with any of the reputable operators that are featured on the site.